Groups of 6 or more can register by contacting Hannah at or (717) 232 - 9006. Please read the details below for further information regarding group registration.

  • What happens when we contact you?
    When you contact us, we will create a group registration page specifically for your group and send you further instructions for having your students and leaders register. After receiving these instructions, if at any time you need further information, you can always contact Hannah, and she’d be more than happy to help you.

  • How much do we owe at the time of group registration?
    We require a $20 deposit for each member within your group. Initial payment is due 7 days after setting up a group with Hannah.

  • When do we pay the final bill for our group?
    Final group registrations are required by October 1. Our team will then email an invoice to the group leader stating the total amount due along with any FREE LEADER PASS codes that your group has earned.


  • How do we make final payment?
    Check or Credit Card.

For Check Payments:
- Make check payable to Life Center Ministries
- Check must be postmarked by October 1.

For Credit Card:
Call us (717) 232-9006 to make payment over the phone. Any of the Life Center administrative team will be able to take your payment.

  • Can I add people after I have already set up a group?
    Absolutely! You can add people to your group until October 1. $20 deposits are required for any additional people added.
    PLEASE NOTE: After this date, any additional people will have to register as individuals at the general admission ticket price.

  • What if not everyone in my group comes. Is there a refund?
    Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds for people who have paid and can no longer come. However, the registration may be transferred to someone who is not presently a part of your original group.

  • How does getting a free pass for a leader work?
    We are glad you asked!! For every 10 STUDENTS who have paid in full for this event, you will be given a code to register 1 LEADER for FREE. Student tickets must be paid in full by October 15th. When we have final payments we will issue codes to your group to use during the registration process for your leader(s).

  • How do we register as a free leader?
    We will send out the FREE LEADER code when full payment for your group has been received. If you know in advance that your group will earn a free leader pass, please wait until you receive this code to register your leader.

  • Leadership to student ratio disclaimer.
    While Life Center does not require you to have a certain number of leaders for your group, we do recommend having 1 leader for every 6-7 students. Please be aware that neither Life Center nor Spooky Nook will be held responsible for your students and will not provide leadership/staffing support.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us here.