• What is the minimum age to register and attend Heirborne Conference as an individual?

    While this is at the discretion of the registrant and their parents/guardians, we ask that students under the age of 18 attending as individuals be accompanied by a paying adult or chaperon. Life Center and Spooky Nook cannot provide chaperons and cannot be held responsible for individuals or groups.

  • What if I can’t come to the whole conference?

    Well, that’s a bummer, but we’d love for you to join us for part of the time.

    FRIDAY NIGHT: $30 per person
    SATURDAY ALL-DAY: $75 per person
    SATURDAY NIGHT: $30 per person
    SUNDAY MORNING: $25 per person

  • What about the meals not provided in the cost of registration?
    Forklift & Pallet Restaurant is located directly in The Nook. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can view their menu here. There is also a Smoothie Bar and Foodcourt in The Nook that will be open during normal business hours. The Smoothie Bar will also be open Saturday night after the session from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

  • Is breakfast included at The Warehouse Hotel?

    No. Breakfast is not included at The Warehouse Hotel. You will need to figure out something to do for breakfast if you choose to stay at The Warehouse Hotel.

  • Do we need any sort of liability or waiver form?

    Yes. Spooky Nook REQUIRES that ANYONE, regardless of age, who is participating in activities held at The Nook sign a waiver form. You can download this waiver form here. Please bring signed forms with you when you check in for the conference.

    While Life Center - Heirborne, in general, does not require any signed waivers for the conference, please be aware that by registering you are agreeing that Life Center cannot be held liable for any individual and/or group in attendance or their belongings.

  • Are there any activities not included in the cost?

    The following things are not included but can be purchased during free times at cost to the participant:

    Climbing Wall
    Clip N’ Climb

  • What should we expect for parking and traffic flows at The Nook?

    There is plenty of parking on site so no need to worry. Download The Nook traffic flow map here.

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Please be aware that Life Center - Heirborne reserves the right to change or modify these answers at any time with little or no notice to participants.